[microsound-announce] Kiev/Ukraine sounds and interview - Radio On (off/on-topic)

rinus van alebeek injapatti at gmail.com
Tue Mar 11 11:45:22 EDT 2014

Hi John and all,

I have recorded one of the earlier interviews from the loudspeaker of my
tablet (transistor radio quality) and used quotes of it for a sound piece
called "Helmets and Gas Masks"
It is released on tape.

There are no mobs in the streets of Kiev.
Recordings from Crimea. Oof. I don't know anyone there.

You are free to record the interview and use bits of it.
Radio On still broadcasts the interview.
Next possibility today at 23:00 Paris/Berlin time, (-5 to -8 for US)

on twitter http://twitter.com/ukrainolution is pretty unfiltered


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