[microsound-announce] ( nula ) 55505 pareidolia. video filecasts updated for streaming and download.

ll ll at detritus.net
Sun Jun 8 08:53:58 EDT 2014

Until now, only the audio-only versions of the following filecasts have
been freely available on the nula.cc site. But starting today, the more
polished video versions are also available, exclusively from the links

A 41-minute video screening was compiled from the following filecasts
for public presentation. In more or less the following sequence, it has
been screened a handful of times in scattered cities across Europe and
North America. 

55167 edge case – http://nula.cc/55167
55516 locomotive - http://nula.cc/55516
55032 ekh dorogi - http://nula.cc/55032
55034 forty - http://nula.cc/55034

55505 pareidolia – http://nula.cc/55505

Video has also been added to the following previously audio-only
filecasts. These were also made to be screened publically, and have been
occasionally shown within the sequence above.

56307 impulse - http://nula.cc/56307
55792 crossing - http://nula.cc/55792

If you experience any technical problems with these videos, or the site
generally, or simply wish to make a comment in any regard, we welcome
your email at:

editor at nula.cc

all video filecasts: http://nula.cc/list/video
all filecasts: http://nula.cc/list

+ main page: http://nula.cc/
+ project information: http://nula.cc/text
+ contact, unsubscribe requests: editor at nula.cc 

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