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01. Surface [02:16].   02. Sgnl [02:55].   03. Cell [01:02].   04. Mesh
[01:18].   05. Phone [03:45].   06. Echo [02:07].   07. Grid [01:32].   08.
Post [02:40].   09. Spl [02:04].

Total: [19:44] * 09tracks

*RELEASE`s NOTES:* "Body in White" is a debut mini album by Anton Holota
(14circles, .at/on, COTF). It explores the dark and rhythmic noise sound
created with analog and digital sound processing tools. The concept of
"Body in White" describes a production phase in the automotive industry,
during which the main vehicle skeleton is welded together. This title
reflects the idea behind the album, which contains "rude" sound effects
polished with help of different tools to achieve minimalistic and dark, but
at the same time energetic sound. The "Body in White" was recorded in the
Anton's new studio in Germany during 2013."

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