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Hello and happy new year!

I am co-writing a brief Introduction to a special issue of an academic journal on the topic of "Italian Sound" (http://escholarship.org/uc/search?entity=ismrg_cisj;view=charter) and given my longstanding interest in electronic music (I published a piece on "emusic" and genre theory in a literary journal a few years ago:https://www.academia.edu/3723363/The_Polyvalent_Discourse_of_Electronic_Music) I wanted to check in with you all to hear your thoughts about the current strengths in the electronic music scene in Italy.  Comments on any electronic-centered genre, any label, any websites, any publications, etc. welcome.

I will probably only be able to include a paragraph or so in the Intro, but I definitely want to include at least that!

Feel free to respond off-list: asaiber at bowdoin.edu<mailto:asaiber at bowdoin.edu>

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