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Sat Jan 4 02:38:54 EST 2014

*Good Morning,**
**I hope that you enjoyed a festive X-Mas time and nice ending of the year*
2013 has been a nice one for me as I was able to tour Australia, playing 
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Perth. It was my first trip there 
and I enjoyed immensely meeting great people and a very 
attentive/curious audience + improvising with Peter Hollo, Shoeb Ahmad.

Other than those, I gigged at the prestigious Philarmonie in Luxembourg, 
Borisan in Istanbul, Qwartz Awards Ceremony in Paris, Kuudes Linja 
Festival in Helsinki, George Enescu Festival in Bucarest, Digitales Fest 
in Switzerland + quite a few other venues worldwide, solo or collab with 
Murcof, Lydia Lunch, Mathias Delplanque, and last but not least in 
December with Audrey Chen, initiating for real our duo aiming at 
performing worldwide as much as possible.
All in all I played 35 shows in 2013.

*In terms of releases, my goal was to slow down and avoid issuing 12 
records like i had done in 2012, so I feel proud to have managed to 
refrain to 4:*

*Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit: Taste Our Voodoo**
**(Double LP + Double CD / Rustblade)*

*Murcof + Philippe Petit: 1st chapter**
**(LP + CD + Digital / Rev. Lab. - Aagoo)*
**Philippe Petit: Needles In Pain**
**(Pict. Disc vinyl album + Digital/ Alrealon Musique)*
**Simon Fisher Turner & Philippe Petit: A Ti Dou Li Dum A Ti Dou Li Dou 
Ti Dé (CD / HelloSquare) *

*2014 is already promising, some nice shows upcoming with Murcof, 
European Contemporary Orchestra, the project of initiating a new duo 
with Mia Zabelka, a tour of Asia in March + quite a few DJ sets under my 
new moniker The Sonic Seducer since in 2014 I'm celebrating 30 years of 
DJing... *


*First things first though, for now wishin' you the very best and hope 
to meat sometime soon...**


January 17 - Sonic Seductions # 5
Moondawn (live) + The Sonic Seducer DJ
9PM @ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille

January 30 - Studio 54 #1
Oogie Lifestore - Marseille

February 07 - Sonic Seductions # 6 @ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille

February 11 - La Semaine Du Son
Electroacoustique Festival - Angers

February 13 - Sébastien Boisseau & Philippe Petit
Set 30' Blockhaus/DY 10 - Nantes

February 14 - Sonic Seductions # 7 @ Lieu Unique (LU) - Nantes

February 21 - Sonic Seductions # 8 @ SAS - Délemont

February 22 - Murcof & Philippe Petit
SAS - Délemont

February 23 - Murcof & Philippe Petit
Bad Bonn - Düdingen

February 27 - XP club - Beijing

February 28 - 696 live - Shanghai

Early March Kwala-Lumpur (TBA)

March 07 - Sonic Seductions # 9 @ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille

March 27 - European Contemporary Orchestra (ECO)
Cineconcert "Le Mécano de la General" composed by François Narboni
L'Arsenal - Metz

April 05 - Sonic Seductions # 10 @ Les Demoiselles Du Cinq, Marseille

April 12 - Sonor Festival - Nantes

April 19 - DELCO Festival  w/ Fred Frith
Paloma - Nimes

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