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The 2015 San Francisco Tape Music Festival

"Cinema for your ears." -- SF Weekly  
"literally surrounded by sound." -- San Francisco Chronicle
"Tape Capsule" -- The New York Times 

16th Street Victoria Theater
2961 16th Street
San Francisco, California 94103

Friday, January 9 8pm
Saturday, January 10, 8pm
Saturday, January 10, 11pm
Sunday, January 11, 8pm

$15 [$10 underemployed] each concert
$40 festival pass
Tickets: sftmf.brownpapertickets.com


America's only festival devoted to the performance of audio works projected in three-dimensional space, The San Francisco Tape Music Festival features four distinct concerts of classic audio art and new fixed media compositions by 32 local and international composers. Hear members of the SF Tape Music Collective, along with guest composers, shape the sound live over a pristine surround system consisting of 16 high-end loudspeakers while the audience is seated in complete darkness. It's a unique opportunity to experience music forming - literally - around you.

The 2015 Festival features two concerts showcasing the entire range of the "fixed media" artform; a Saturday late-night concert of longer, psychedelic, and ambient tape pieces (including the premiere of the 17-minute, 16-channel "full" version of BRIAN ENO'S Golden); and a concert featuring SFSOUNDGROUP musicians performing electroacoustic works by French and American composers.

The Friday 8pm and Saturday 8pm concerts include a diverse range of music: from cinematic "radio plays" to abstract acousmatica - from sound-design works to full-spectrum drones. In addition, we perform an eclectic set of classic works by FRANK ZAPPA, CONLON NANCARROW, and WALTER RUTTMANN. We also present numerous recent works by international composers and locals THOM BLUM, BYRON EVORA, KENT JOLLY, CHERYL LEONARD, FERNANDO LOPEZ-LEZCANO, THEO MATHIEN, and COLLIN MCKELVEY. Friday evening also features a tribute performance of Antony by UC Berkeley professor DAVID WESSEL, who unexpectedly passed away in October.

The Saturday 11pm concert features a premiere by BRIAN ENO. In 2007, Eno composed a 16-channel piece, Golden for our festival. He created multiple versions of various lengths, and the "full" 17-minute version will have its public debut on this program. In addition, we present a rare performance of PAULINE OLIVEROS'S The Day I Disconnected The Erase Head And Forgot To Reconnect It - one of her classic analog synth tape pieces from 1966 that predates the Bay Area Noise scene by decades. The program also includes a new work by dutch composer AUGUSTOMEIJER and a sonic landscape composition by San Francisco Tape Music Collective's own CLIFF CARUTHERS.

Sunday features the Festival's first collaboration with acoustic musicians in a double-program of recent and classic compositions for multichannel electronics with acoustic instruments. Performed by the virtuosic musicians in the Bay Area's SFSOUNDGROUP, the first half features a program of music by French master composers, with music by PIERRE BOULEZ (violin and live electronics), LUC FERRARI (improvising ensemble and tape), BERNARD PARMEGIANI (tape), and HORACIO VAGGIONE (tape). The second half features a program by American composers MARIO DAVIDOVSKY (ensemble and tape), ROBERT ERICKSON (ensemble and tape), HANS TUTSCHKU (oboe, bass clarinet, and iPads), and MATT INGALLS (clarinet and tape).


David Wessel - Antony (1977)
Conlon Nancarrow - Piece for Tape (1955)
Walter Ruttmann- Wochenende (1930)
FernandoLopez-Lezcano - The Hidden and Mysterious Machinery of Sound (2015 WORLD PREMIERE)
TheoMathien -A Trace ofFinches (2011)
IsobelAnderson -Going Under:Above and BelowThe River Ouse (2014)
Jason Bolte -Putt'n Around (2012)
GordonDelap -"PerpetualJiggling": Noiseportrait ofRichard Feynman (2014)
Jane Rigler -Mukta (2014)
DianaSalazar -La Voz Del Fuelle (2012)

FrankZappa- Nasal Retentive Calliope Music (1968)
Carla Scaletti- sunSergeAutomata (1987)
Thom Blum- new work (2015, WORLD PREMIERE)
Byron Evora -FLUX - SoundRe-Design (2012)
Kent Jolly- bellbox (2003)
CherylLeonard -Ablation Zone (2014)
CollinMcKelvey -Sufficient for aHead (2015, WORLD PREMIERE)
DavidArango-Valencia -giraSol~giraNada (2014)
FranciscoEme -Cuerno de Chivo (2012)
JamesO'Callaghan -Bodies-Soundings (2014)
MatthewSchoen -Track #1 (2013)
Pierre-LucSenécal -Schrei (2014)

Brian Eno- Golden (2007, WORLD PREMIERE)
Pauline Oliveros- The Day I Disconnected The Erase Head And Forgot To Reconnect It (1966)
Cliff Caruthers - Natoma (2003)
AugustoMeijer - Utopia (2014)

SUNDAY JANUARY 11 8pm (with sfSoundGroup)
-- two programs in two sets -- 

Pierre Boulez - ANTHÈMES II (1997 :: violin + electronics)
Luc Ferrari - ARCHIVES SAUVÉES DES EAUX (2000 :: improvisers + tape)
Bernard Parmegiani - ACCIDENTS / HARMONIQUES (from DE NATRUA SONORUM) (1973)
Horacio Vaggione - PRELUDES SUSPENDUS III (2009)

Mario Davidovsky - Synchronisms #2 (1964 :: flute, clarinet, violin, cello, tape)
Robert Erickson - Pacific Sirens (1969 :: ensemble + tape)
Hans Tutschku - Still Air 3 (2014 :: oboe, bass clarinet, iPads)
Matt Ingalls - CrusT (1997 :: clarinet + tape)

Monica Scott, cello
Sam Nichols, electronics
Brendan Lai-Tong, trombone
Benjamin Kreith, violin
John Ingle, saxophone/conductor
Matt Ingalls, clarinet
Diane Grubbe, flute
Tom Dambly, trumpet
Mark Clifford, percussion
Kyle Bruckmann, oboe/english horn

funded in part by
The San Francisco Grants for the Arts, The French-American Fund for Contemporary Music,
The Zellerbach Family Foundation, and individual contributions
equipment kindly provided by The Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics (CCRMA) at Stanford University 

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