[microsound-announce] The eerie symmetry of a perfect ping ('ugliest music in the world')

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Mon Dec 1 16:05:07 EST 2014

A couple of years ago Scott Rickard interpreted an exponential Welch-Costas array of order 88 together with a Golomb ruler for its timeline as a piece of piano music in which no two directed pitch intervals between equidistant notes are the same. He presented his piece in a TEDx talk as 'the ugliest music in the world', because, supposedly, it was free of discernible patterns and repetitions

But how 'pattern free' and 'void of structure' is Scott's  'Perfect Ping' really? 

That's the subject of this long & 'mathy' write-up. 

On permutations, gracefulness, classiness, Pohlman Mallalieu's 'famous' all interval 12 tone row and a bunch of cowbells dropping down the stairs ... 
A de-construction ...


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