[microsound-announce] The Art of the K7 (prelude)

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"[...] Like the DJ musician who uses and misuses vinyl records and gramophones to great musical avail in performances and in recordings, the cassetteur (cassetteer) sets about using, treating and maltreating his/her tapes, dictaphones and other tape playing devices. About a decade ago, cassetteurs were still relatively rare. [These days though] ever more performers (young and old, not only but often of a self-declared 'experimental', 'avant-garde' or 'huh, music?' kind) can be seen and heard manipulating tapes and dictaphones. [...] Cassetteers are popping up here, there and everywhere; still mainly in fringe settings, though slowly also more mainstream academic and gallery-art spots seem to be catching up with K7 'experimentation' [...]"
The Art of the K7 (prelude)

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