[microsound-announce] playlist + podcast for my new radio shows

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Fri Oct 4 09:05:25 EDT 2013

*Here's the podcast + tracklisting for my radio program airing thru 
Radio Panik (Brussels), EKO des Garrigues (Montpellier) on Thursdays, 
JET FM (Nantes) on Fridays though one hour earlier this season, Campus 
(Grenoble) on Saturdays, and Grenouille (Marseille) on Sundays*:


Radio Panik // Brussels (105,4 FM)
Tuesday SEPT 31 : 14 - 15:00 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on Eko des Garrigues  //  Montpellier -  88.5 FM
Thursday OCT 03 : 20:00 - 21:00 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on JET FM  //  Nantes
Friday OCT 04 : 19:30 - 20:30 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on RADIO CAMPUS  //  Grenoble - 90.8 FM
Saturday OCT 05 : 20:30 - 21:30 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Sunday OCT 06 : 21:00 - 22:00 PM (19:00 - 20:00 GMT)  //  Marseille //  

"ALBUM"  (label)

Legendary Pink Dots: immaculate conception
"Chemical Playschools" (RustBlade)

Hypo & EDH: party
"Xin" (Cheap Satanism)

Camilla Sparksss: europe
"Europe" (Africantape/On The Camper)

The Martha's Vineyard Ferries: parachute
"Mass. Grave" (Africantape)

Shaun Sandor & Zlata Sandor: #3
"Band On The Moon" (Silber)

Shaun Sandor & Zlata Sandor: #4
"Band On The Moon" (Silber)

Okapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra: Strauss - il cavaliere della rosa
"Opera Riparata - Tribute To Bruno Munari" (Offset)

Okapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra: Monteverdi - combatimento
"Opera Riparata - Tribute To Bruno Munari" (Offset)

Okapi & Aldo Kapi Orchestra: Verdi - la forza del destino
"Opera Riparata - Tribute To Bruno Munari" (Offset)

Small Life Form: a year is a day (extract)
"Satsop" (Blondena Music)

Perceval Music: élévation
"Recueil Du Mal" (Autoprod/Self-Released)

Pantaleimon: if I (was)
"The Butterfly Are The Pearl" (Grass Girl Music)

Kate Carr: beginnings
"Songs From A Cold Place" (Flaming Pines)

Arno Peeters: words with the shaman
"W" (ReCyclopedia)

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