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The concert has a new duo act added to it.

The Observatory with Colin Hacklander on drums / The Realistic Micro  
Dwarf: The Duo of Burkhard Beins & Clayton Thomas

The Observatory are an independent avant rock band and an experimental  
music group based in Singapore, consisting largely of alumni from  
significant 1990s Singaporean bands.

Founded in 2001, the group’s main tenet is to push individual and  
collective boundaries farther. The goal isn’t just about creating  
music that contains universal themes or writing about life from a  
distinctly Singaporean perspective. It’s about breaking down  
inhibition, convention and the mechanical way of commercial  

The group draws inspiration from their Southeast Asian roots and an  
unavoidable post-colonial musical diet. The Observatory fuse  
unconventional structures, Asian rhythms, bold arrangements,  
improvisation, thought and expression, while borrowing from random  
music styles to stir up a potent concoction of emotionally powerful  
extremes, disturbed and angry on one end, haunting and melancholic on  
the other.

The heart and soul of The Observatory is in its constant reinvention.  
With each release, the members have persisted in their experimental  
take on the song form. This frequently takes their music to the outer  
limits, creating a rich musical repertoire that’s texturally complex  
in a sonic tour de force of songs that are viscerally emotional and  
splintering in its bleakness. A study in delusion, insanity and  
obsession, *Catacombs*, their latest album, provokes and inspires in a  
deeply enigmatic way. Even at its coldest and most abstract, it is  
human to the core.

Album Music Trailer:

“Out of The Furrow” (Excerpt):

“Anger & Futility” (Live Studio Performance):


$$Colin Hacklander$$ is a self-taught drummer/percussionist and artist  
who tours, organizes events, and works with various artist  
organizations in Berlin, Minneapolis, NYC and now in Den Haag. See  
Mica Moca, NK, Salon Bruit, OpenSound, GH, Tacheles Kunsthaus,  
Dystopia, Minneapolis Free Music Society, Capillary Action,  
Contemporary Music Workshop, The Sound Gallery, Consortium of  
Symphonic Transients, and also Institute of Sonology… Shared bills  
with Lightning Bolt, Wolf Eyes, Deerhoof, Joke Lanz, Japanther, Jim  
Black, toured with Charles Hayward, performed with Doudou N’diaye  
Rose, performed under James Dillon. Currently performing/developing  
solo set with drums/electronics as GOOD GOD…


“The Realistic Micro Dwarf”
Duo Synthesizer Project of Clayton Thomas & Burkhard Beins –


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