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[ SOUNDING CITY, until May 5th ]
Budatoren, ground floor: Signe Lidén - Writings================================Six limbed sticks are being moved around by three circular plates on the ceiling. They hit and thus, though ever so slightly, re-shape the piles of soil below them on the floor, that, for some reason, have been left there, and by the contingency of their material substance and form now seem to be commanding their proper tracing, for ever and ever. [ ...] “Yes, it is strange,” Signe said. “Several times during these weeks of creating ‘Writings’, together with my collaborator Roar Sletteland, it felt as if nature took us by surprise. I think this is the strangest piece I ever made…”http://resonancenetwork.wordpress.com/2013/05/01/holes-caves-archives-inscriptions/
Budatoren, top floor: Pascal Broccolichi - Invasive Harmonie======================================="Invasive Harmonie" is, and profoundly so, a sculptural work, as much as it is a sound work. And creating a ‘sonic landscape’ also means, in a very deep sense, that you are doing a painter’s job; besides being on top of it all, at least partly, also very cinematographic, even though there is nothing like a ‘scene’. What I mean of course is a ‘cinema for the ears’, the construction of which will strongly depend on each of the separate beholders’ psychological states. For me, there are a number of quite heavy and melancholic moments. Others, on the contrary, are almost ethereal. But somebody else may experience it in a very different way. I do think that listening encourages this type of solitary relation to the self. And whether the listening will take place for a mere couple of seconds, or for several hours, for me this does not change the way in which I approach the work as an artist. In all of the possible cases my investment and my concern will be the same.”http://resonancenetwork.wordpress.com/2013/02/18/memory-as-a-dorsal-spine/
Budafabriek: Jitske Blom & Thomas Rutgers - The Beaters=======================================“For the time being I am going to stick to a fixed composition, of about ten minutes, that will be continuously repeating,” Thomas insisted. “It will be a piece with very gradual changes, and of course people can step in somewhere in the middle of it; or leave in the middle. But it will be a relatively short cycle, so mucg is true. It remains a fascinating problem indeed, how to compose for a sound installation. And a problem, that, I think, does not have an easy and straightforward solution. When you use such shifting layers, to me that feels like giving up control; you then already switch to another level, far more abstract and far more ‘macro’; which can be OK. If you are willing to accept that. For me it remains a challenge, to look for forms that continue to provide me with enough control, but that also allow me to make something that remains dynamic…”http://resonancenetwork.wordpress.com/2013/03/11/the-beaters/
Soundwalk: David Helbich - Kortrijk Tracks=======================================Together with Christina Kubisch's "Electric Walk Kortrijk", David Helbich's "Kortrijk Tracks" mark the launch of a collection of soundwalks for the city of Kortrijk, curated by the Flanders Festival's director Joost Fonteyne. These 'audiowalks with a twist' will be available for visitors of the Belgian town not only for the duration of the Festival, but throughout the year. In The Art of Soundwalk, Joost explains why ...http://resonancenetwork.wordpress.com/2013/04/14/the-art-of-soundwalk/
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