[microsound-announce] playlist + podcast for my new radio shows

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Sun Mar 24 03:40:27 EDT 2013

***Every week my radio programs air thru EKO des Garrigues (Montpellier) 
on Thursdays, JET FM (Nantes) on Fridays, Campus (Grenoble) on 
Saturdays, and Grenouille (Marseille) on Sundays**
**here's the podcast + tracklisting:*


BiP_HOp Generation on Eko des Garrigues  //  Montpellier - 88.5 FM
Thursday MARCH 14 : 20:00 - 21:00 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on JET FM  //  Nantes
Friday MARCH 15 : 20:30 - 21:30 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on RADIO CAMPUS  //  Grenoble - 90.8 FM
Saturday MARCH 16 : 20:30 - 21:30 PM

BiP_HOp Generation on Radio Grenouille  //  88.8 FM
Sunday MARCH 17 : 21:00 - 22:00 PM (19:00 - 20:00 GMT)  // Marseille  
//  France

"ALBUM"  (label)


Kasia Glowicka: music in 3 parts: wind, ether, fire
"European Contemporary Orchestra - E.C.O. On The Beach" (ECO)

Simon Whetham: the phoenix
"Birds Of A Feather # 5" (Flaming Pines)

Gravity's Drop Out: binger
"Tracks For Non-Existing Movies" (Alrealon Musique)

Patrick Vian: old vienna
"Bruits Et Temps Analogues" (Staubgold)

Nick Brooke: chokoloskee
"Border Towns" (Innova)

Sébastien Roux: créancier de secondes
"More Songs" (Broccoli)

Quarz: extract
"Five Years On Cold Asphalt" (Cronica Electronica)

Aidan Baker & Plurals: turning children into mice
Glass Crocodile Medicine (Southern/Latitudes)

Ventura: nothing else mattered
"Ultima Necat" (Africantape)

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