[microsound-announce] Bandcamp profile, offering most of my releases...

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 20 04:47:04 EDT 2013

hope that this message finds you well
After all these years I have completed a Bandcamp profile, offering most 
of my releases for you to listen to or to purchase both digital and 
vinyl or CD when still in print so please come and support and rest 
assured that I'm adding a free CD with each direct order...


Talking about gifts, I am pleased to share some free music with you, a 
few months ago I was invited by composer Israel Martinez to contribute 
to his project "in memoriam" along such inspired friends as Francisco 
López, BJ Nilsen, Murcof, Janek Schaefer, Manrico Montero, Iris 
Garrelfs, Simon Whetam... Enjoy !


**Within the next few weeks I'll be playing Luxembourg, Paris and Istanbul so those around are welcome to come say hello, of course*:

March 22 - Lydia Lunch & Philippe Petit
Philarmonie - Luxembourg

April 04 - Qwartz Awards Ceremony
La Machine du Moulin Rouge - Paris

April 05 - Murcof & Philippe Petit (featuring Mark Cunhingham)
Istanbul - Borusan Music House

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