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The FAR Listening POST

Inspired in part by the fabulous goings-on at spazioersetti.it, the FAR
Listening Post is established as a new, intimate venue for sound art housed
within Florida State University’s Facility for Arts Research.

We are now accepting proposals for multi-channel audio work from audio
artists worldwide. Successful entries will deal in some way with
sound-in-space, but more musically leaning pieces are certainly welcome. We
can support audio material only: there is no provision for accompanying
visuals, physical objects, live performance, etc.

The audition space is a roughly cubic volume about 4 meters on a side and
contains a fixed array of eight speakers, one at each vertex. The walls are
acoustically treated.

Selected works will be heard in our space on a rotating basis, and will
remain available in our catalogue for future programs. There is no cost for
any number of entries, but please understand that we cannot provide
compensation to applicants beyond curation and advertising/promotion of the
selected work.


Please provide a link to your work along with a description, technical
specifications, artist statement and any other documentation you feel is
relevant. Particularly important is to note the disposition of channels if
it is not inherent in the format. We consider entries in virtually any
general-use digital audio format: wav, ogg, mp3, amb, aiff, etc. but may
have difficulty with proprietary formats that require a particular software
application to reproduce–if you use Max/MSP, Plogue Bidule, PD or similar,
please send us a link to the recorded audio output rather than the patch

Web-from application:
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