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LAVERNA presents:

Release date: 15.01.2013
Album available on: http://www.laverna.net/releases/Lav55.html

Album and exhibition info: http://www.alessioballerini.com/ballerini-toitsbeginningtoitsend.html 

4 soundscape compositions, divided into 4 environment have been made for the exhibition "To Its Beginning To Its End". A composition in quadraphonic for each room, each consisting of two independent stereo pairs, plus an additional monaural track positioned inside the first room (designed to be inserted inside the trunk tree), all designed to coexist in time.
The four variations of multi-channel music, have been designed for an ever-changing sound and for the perception in relation to the visual.

Each environment is formed by two pairs of stereo tracks that are loop spread. Each loop has a different length, in each room and then through the gallery, as to obtain a sound which is continuously evolving, never static and repetitive, a sound developed as if it were a single leitmotiv of the place.
The transitions between the environments are deliberately open so that you can hear the sound of those where you are not.

The whole exhibition is therefore in continuous connection and the soundtrack was composed in order to let the sounds of the 4 rooms co-exist, just as it happens in nature, between randomness and not: a sound cycle in an uninterrupted mutation without knowing when the point of return will be.
What especially interests me is to live the scene, the experience. The antithesis is part of the work, in fact the music is composed for a hypothetical continuous change due to the loops that are repeated, even if it is mathematical that the sound cycles will return to the starting point and re-coincide. For this reason the artificial and continuous mutation is only a contradiction.

I wanted to re-create spaces which live in the imagination, trying to make them real in all the respects. The music was inspired by Chiara Forti photos. 
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