[microsound-announce] Concordia Laptop Orchestra and Acoustic Friends - Liveware! This Thursday (March 7th @ 7P)

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Mon Mar 4 20:51:33 EST 2013

Concordia Laptop Orchestra and Acoustic Friends - Liveware!


Thursday, March 7th, 2013 @ 19:00

Concordia Music Department

John Molson School of Business

1450 Guy St., 8th floor, room 245

Also webcast (see below)

Free admission!


This Thursday at 7 PM, come join Concordia Laptop Orchestra (CLOrk) for a casual evening concert with some excellent pieces by Michaël Bresse, Joe Browne, Michael Palumbo, and Ryan White, plus a closing CLOrk beat-jam.


Each piece utilizes the laptop orchestra medium in a very different manner:


In Michaël Bresses’s piece, the laptop orchestra will explore texture and space under his conduction.


In Joe Browne’s piece, bass trombonist Felix Del Tredici will interact as soloist with the laptop orchestra and with snippets of his own live sounds processed and spatialized in 8 channels.


In Michael Palumbo’s piece only one computer will play a sound, but 20 people will shape and transform it.


Ryan White’s meditative piece with Christian Brun del Re (drums) will utilize the laptop orchestra as a glitch percussion ensemble.


CLOrk’s beat jam is like… Mouse on Mars meets Autechre meets Tam Tams Montreal.

The show will be webcast (audio) at 

http://mixlr.com/eldad-tsabary or http://pdradio.listen2myradio.com/ (plan B)

Check CLOrk out:

CLOrk’s sounds: https://soundcloud.com/clork-1/

CLOrk’s videos: http://tinyurl.com/cl47htd

Facebook event:http://www.facebook.com/events/148884571939776/ 

Current CLOrk members:

Lyndsie Alguire, Charles Bale, Philippe Blanchette, Michaël Bresse, Joseph Browne, Stephanie Colbourn, Pasquale De Luca, Alexis Dionne, Byron Edelmann, Frankie Fiore, David Fiorentino, Christopher Gorman, Regynald Guzman, Jared Jukes, Reginald Kachanoski, Megan Keenan, Marco Antonio Liy Menor, Marguerite Luu, Ryan McNabb, Keith Odell, Michael Palumbo, Pierre Perry Pilloy, Edan Scime Stokell, Evan Stepanian, Michael Sullivan, Ryan White, Simon White, Eldad Tsabary (director)
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