[microsound-announce] ( nula ) new filecast and online event: inner circle; re-use aloud.

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Sun Mar 3 11:25:07 EST 2013

56356 inner circle

The circle seems beyond fundamental: of it, everything is made. Through it,
everything is seen. By means of it, all is heard and sensed. The circle, in
enclosing an area, empty of other marks, is used to signify zero, naught, null. 

download and stream : http://nula.cc/56356
also on soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/nulacc/56356-inner-circle

and a few more details: http://nula.cc/zero


Reuse Aloud : month-long online streaming program on basic.fm

“On 01/03/2013 we will take over the radio. For one month we will broadcast
across the airwaves. There is no agenda; there is no pre-defined outcome. This
is an inclusive action initiated by Will Strong and Rosanna Skett, hosted by
basic.fm and The NewBridge Project. Reuse Aloud poses questions about
originality in the digital age. Since the boom of the Internet in the mid
1990’s, culture has been revolutionized by the ready availability of ideas and
inspiration on a global scale instantly. While appropriation within the arts
existed previously, open source culture has accelerated the attainment and
re-distribution of material. Data can easily be obtained from the online cache,
re-appropriated and re-dispersed as new. We are part of the remix generation.”

see: http://www.basic.fm/?page_id=2516

The program will include selections from work that I did as an editor in the
1980s, namely the PhonoStatic Cassette series. 

see: http://psrf.detritus.net/

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