[microsound-announce] KRAIG GRADY and ETIENNE DELEFLIE at Spazioersetti

Continuo associazione culturale galleria at spazioersetti.it
Mon Jun 17 11:33:39 EDT 2013

Dear all,
we are pleased to invite you to

Second Flight over an Island Interior
sound installation

June 21st - 30th 2013
Spazioersetti - arte sonora e spaziale
V.le Volontari della Libertà 43
33100 Udine, Italy

In this Sound installation entitled Second Flight over an Island Interior, the two composers Etienne Deleflie and Kraig Grady recreated a virtual territory based on the geography of Anaphoria Island. Within its great Southeast desert one encounters great distances of emptiness broken up with the occasional oases where harmonies are sounded in various geometric arrays.

Detailed infos at http://www.spazioersetti.it/event/gradydeleflie/


Antonio Della Marina and Alessandra Zucchi per Continuo associazione culturale
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