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retro-death-telegraphy is an experimental workshop where participants will
explore and build a range of devices which have at some point been
believed to have the potential to aid in communication with the afterlife.

The workshop will focus specifically on the Scole Experimental Group's
Germanium Trans-Dimensional Communication Receptor; a technological device
reportedly constructed in 1990's to aid with two-way communication with
the afterlife. This device consists of a piece of germanium crystal with a
point contact attached to two 5000 ohm coils and the signal of this is
passed through a battery powered amplifier to loudspeakers.

Date: Thursday 6th June

Time: 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm

Location: InterAccess Electronic Media Arts Centre

Address: 9 Ossington Avenue, Toronto, ON, M6J 2Y8

The workshop takes place in the 16th Annual Subtle Technologies Festival.
The theme this year focuses on Immortality.

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