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Recordings from Berghain, Berlin, 2012 

Live Performance
January 17, 2013 @ 20:00 ::: Elektroakustischer Salon / Art's Birthday ::: Berghain

Soundwalk Collective LIVE
Mika Vainio / Franck Vigroux LIVE
Real Time (Reinhold Friedl / Dirk Dresselhaus) LIVE

"Last Beat" is a sound project that resonates the architecture of the legendary Berlin club Berghain, playing the material structure of the building as a musical instrument. Tuning resonant frequencies to excite the architectural surfaces of the club, the Soundwalk Collective arranges and processes a live feedback loop produced by pulses and tones played through the sound system and into the walls. The rhythmic and resonant properties of metal and glass are captured with contact microphones in real-time, creating a call-and-response with the building.

Hosted by Deutschlandradio Kultur / Berghain Elektroakustischer Salon
Live Radio Broadcast on Deutschlandradio Kultur on January 18 @ 00:05 - 01:00

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