[microsound-announce] "in formation" by v4w.enko - digital release at FF`Space.

Evgeniy Vaschenko v4w.enko at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 15:33:45 EST 2013

In Formation

[Sound] [Digital]
Total:  7*Tracks; 50:29min
Enhanced: 7*Digital Artworks
EXTENSIONS: [MP3] [FLAC] [Apple Lossless] [JPG]

RELEASE`s NOTES: "In formation" - term could be used when the process of
forming some structure is in process. “Information” is a sequence structure
of symbols that can be interpreted as a message. Music could be a time
sequence of sounds that can be interpreted as a composition. If the density
of information is increased then the cells of time should work with a wider
amount of data. If symbols of the sequence are constant then the algorithm
of forming would be transformed. The evolution of the “formation” adopts
the quality of the “information”.
TRACKLIST: 1. 01122520122210 [05:55]. 2. 02122720120234 [11:41]. 3.
03122720121241 [13:14]. 4. 04122520122237 [02:24]. 5. 05122720120219
[07:37]. 6. 06122620121839 [06:47]. 7. 07122620121839 [02:51].
Total: [50:29] * 7tracks
(C)+(P) All tracks  by V4W.ENKO. Picture by V4W.ENKO. Product design by
(C) V4W.ENKO 2012-13 (P) FFSPACE 2013

Microtonal, microwave, microrithm, datatransfer,minimalistic, rithm noise,
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