[microsound-announce] ( nula ) new filecast: 56306 impulse. mp3, 9 minutes.

ll ll at detritus.net
Sat Jan 12 13:35:36 EST 2013

56306 impulse

Although clear on visual inspection that the wave form is rich in undulations, on playback, the source file for this filecast offers only silence. So I made variants of it, lowering it by two, three, four, and six octaves. I present them here as a chorus, together with a few added sound effects.

download and stream : http://nula.cc/56306 
also on soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/nulacc/56306-impulse


56294 blesk a hrom

The Czech words for “lightning and thunder” aptly characterize the outdoor city-wide sound environment replayed in Prague every year at Silvestr — or New Year’s Eve. Here is a recording, beginning just at midnight, of what it sounded like most recently, with my best wishes for the coming year.

download and stream : http://nula.cc/56294 
also on soundcloud : http://soundcloud.com/nulacc/56294-blesk-a-hrom


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Invisible Site Redesign

if you were to visit nula.cc right now and just glance at it you would say, hmm, looks the same as before. but that does not change the fact that i've just spent the last two weeks overhauling the underlying code, fixing things that sometimes weren't really broken, and adding a few new features along the way. to wit:

	• a paginated filecasts listing page with more options to filter by type.
	• a play widget on each of the filecast poster and list pages so audio filecasts can be played directly in the 	browser.
	• a julian date converter (courtesy, the U.S. Naval Observatory)
	• an updated about text, and many, many more subtle changes and enhancements.

see: http://nula.cc/text


+ main page: http://nula.cc/
+ project information: http://nula.cc/text
+ complete list of all 61 filecasts: http://nula.cc/newer
+ contact, unsubscribe requests: editor at nula.cc

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