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framework editions announces:
framework:seasonal issue #3, autumn 2012, is now available!
2.5 hour high resolution audio dvdr

Chris Watson: Sunrise in the Sukau rainforest

the framework:seaonal series of fund-raising audio releases continues 
with a very special issue #3 - the great chris watson, who we're sure 
needs no introduction amongst framework listeners, has donated a 
single-take, 2.5 hour field recording from the rainforests of borneo, 
recorded and published at its full length at higher-than-cd audio 
quality. this stunning recording has never before been published, and 
has been donated by the artist in support of framework radio. it is 
available only through framework, in exchange for your donation of €20 
of more on the framework website.

each dvdr is slow burnt onto the highest quality taiyo yuden archival 
discs, and is hand-stamped with the custom-made image of a borneo-native 
mushroom, in keeping with the previous issues of the seasonal series. 
each is housed in an offset and folio printed sleeve from a local 
printing press, on paper from a local papermill, both here in the 
southeast estonian town of räpina. the insert as well is printed on 
additive-free paper from the räpina mill. these audio dvdr's will play 
in any standard dvd player, or on any computer.

the details:

Sunrise in the Sukau rainforest

Recorded during October 2011 by the river Kinabatangen, Sabah, Borneo 
from 0430h

Sennheiser MKH 8040/30 middle and side array to a Nagra ARES Pll 
recorder at 48Khz 16 Bits .wav

The Sukau rainforest is a relatively narrow strip of primary forest 
either side of the banks of the river Kinabatangen in Sabah, Borneo. 
Access to the forest floor is very difficult as there are no trails, 
however at the back of the lodge where I was staying there was a narrow 
old and decaying boardwalk that led, snake like, through the dense 
undergrowth and out into what felt like another world. Each morning for 
over a week I left my lodge around 0400h and set off carefully along a 
zig zag pattern of soft and splintered planks into the velvet darkness. 
Either side of the red glow from my head torch fireflies and other 
unknown bioluminescent insects blinked and flashed their alien languages 
whilst dead ahead the small piercing red reflecting eyes of hunting bats 
streaked, missile like, directly towards me. On several mornings my GPS 
guided me to a favourite looping curve at the furthermost point of the 
2Km trail where I could stop and fix my mikes in a tree whilst trying to 
bat off the myriad host of mosquitos that quickly find anything warm 
blooded that is stationary. I rigged and set away the recording before 
quietly moving off, my ears straining to hear the distant songs of 
gibbons, the shrieks of macaques and the low whistle of a pitta. 
Sunrise, such as it is 30m below the canopy, is also accompanied by the 
slow drip of  condensation percolating down through the grey green gloom 
from a canopy 30m above as the forest is slowly revealed. - Chris Watson

Sunrise in the Sukau rainforest is published by Touch Music

to order your copy go to the framework website and donate €20 or more 
via the donations bar on the right, or click the link below and do the 
same. we'll be in touch to confirm the best shipping address. copies of 
previous issues of framework:seasonal are also still available - donate 
€20 or more per issue and let us know which ones you'd like!



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