[microsound-announce] Continue Music # 1

continue music music.continue at gmail.com
Wed Sep 19 06:40:14 EDT 2012

Dear friends:

We are proud to announce the beginning of ”Continue Music”
a platform dedicated to the presentation of a series of sound works in
cassette tape loop.
Means providing an experience with the sound and the listening place
in a extra-musical sense.
Our interests are the commitment to offer artists the chance to focus
their ideas in this specific way.

First number of series is ready now :

Continue Music # 1

    loop a.stretched lines become points
    loop b.nearby points become lines

    Recorded by Jorge Vicario
    8 seconds loop tapes


Continue Music 2012.
mail adress : music.continue at gmail.com
site : continuemusic.tumblr.com

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