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Sun Sep 16 20:28:08 EDT 2012

dear all
here are some great news from aufabwegen.

two new releases are ready for shipping here at aufabwegen:
aatp41/DS 114: ASMUS TIETCHENS: Stupor Mundi CD, 600 copies, 15 EUR plus
the next release in the reissue series brings the classic EG LP from 1989
plus 4 bonus tracks from the period.
a joint release by Die Stadt and aufabwegen.

aatp38: MATTIN & RICHARD FRANCIS: Lisa Says, LP clear vinyl + insert, 300
handnumbered copies, 16 EUR
A great split LP by Mattin & Richard Francis featuring some sculptured
static, surprising breaks and subtle movements. composed noise. the insert
documents a skype conversation between both artists discussing the methods
and aesthetics of the release and more.

both releases can be ordered directly from us at zipo at aufabwegen.com. thank

there will be some great shows coming up soon:
18.09.2012: Marc Behrens & Richard Francis @ ZKM, Karlsruhe, www.zkm.de
21.09.2012: Machinefabriek, Richard Francis, Xavier Charles @
Blackbox/cuba-cultur, Muenster, www.blackbox-muenster.de
24.09.2012: Contagious Orgasm, Aidan Baker, Chikashi Miyama @ Stadtgarten,
Koeln, www.stadtgarten.de

13.10.2012: FUSHITSUSHA live!!!! (Keji Haino's legendary guitar-psych-noise
group!), show starts at 19h!!! @ Stadtgarten, Koeln, www.stadtgarten.de,
21.10.2012: KAPOTTE MUZIEK live + lecture 45'18'' by Frans de Waard, Loft,
Koeln, www.kgnm.de & www.loftkoeln.de
28.10.2012: ROBERT HAMPSON (editionsMEGO, Touch) @ ZKM, Karlsruhe,
29.10.2012: MAIN (Robert Hampson + Stephan Mathieu), The Sleep Of Reason
(Dirk Serries + Jon Attwood), PRSZR (Pure + Hati) @ Stadtgarten, Koeln,

.dj events.
dj zipo [aufabwegen] will play a thematic set at next koelner musik nacht on
22.09.2012 from 22.00 - 22.45h.
it will revolve around the theme of animal noises and mechanical sounds....
www.koelner-musiknacht.de or www.gewoelbe.net

26.10.2012 dj set after Schlammpeitziger concert at Badischer Kunstverein,

please come and say hi. thanks.

a u f a b w e g e n | Till Kniola
Lindenburger Allee 20 | 50931 Cologne | Germany
label & magazine: http://www.aufabwegen.com
mailorder: http://www.aufabwegen.de/catalog
asmus tietchens: http://www.tietchens.de

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