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A compilation of all the episodes available so far of the ongoing series by
the plunderphonic musician and historian Jon Leidecker for Ràdio Web MACBA.
Do not miss this!

*VARIATIONS, by Jon Leidecker*

The idea of a completely original piece of music is fairly recent. Music
was passed on through sound, through generations, even for centuries after
the invention of written music. Only in the 14th century did it become
standard practice for a composer to sign his name to a piece of music and
claim it entirely as his own, giving rise to the cult of the individual
composer. But as recording supplanted sheet music in the 20th century, the
presence of communal influence became unavoidably obvious once again as
composers began to use recordings to make new recordings. We can now hear
the presence of more than one voice. And there is a reason why people don't
say they listen to a record – they say that they play a record. From the
beginning, recordings have been instruments.

*VARIATIONS #1. Transition*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/KV8gXc <http://bit.ly/KV8gXc%20>
Transcript: http://bit.ly/ggLzop <http://bit.ly/KV8gXc%20>

*VARIATIONS #2. The Globe*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/IIa07h
Transcript: http://bit.ly/eca9yd <http://bit.ly/eca9yd%20>

*VARIATIONS #3. The Approach*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/IY5C7G
Transcript: http://bit.ly/INIiEF

*VARIATIONS #4. The Explosion*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/J2S7F0
Transcript: http://bit.ly/KM3Zvm

*VARIATIONS #5. The Discipline*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/JiPAX8
Transcript: http://bit.ly/J50Q30

*VARIATIONS #6. The Library*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/JlxK1Q
Transcript: http://bit.ly/J50WHM

*VARIATIONS #7. The Composer*
Podcast: http://bit.ly/LAWPst
Transcript: http://bit.ly/MW97ei

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