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Hearing Shapes                                                    
18th- 20th October 2012
Bethnal Green Library, Cambridge Heath Rd, London E2
Call & Response in collaboration with Zoe Laughlin and The Institute of
Hearing Shapes is an immersive sound environment in which audience members
can engage with the sonic properties of materials.
>From October 18th to 20th 2012 London based sonic arts collective Call &
Response are transforming the Bethnal Green Library in to a space for
concentrated sound exploration. Saturday will feature a lecture and sonic
demonstration from the Creative Director of the Institute of Making at
University College London, Zoe Laughlin. During this talk, Zoe will reveal
how vibrations are transmitted through the microstructures of materials to
create the sound of our world.

The lecture room at Bethnal Green Library will be filled with the sound of
kinetic sculptures constructed by artist Tom Slater from concrete, steel and
copper, along side 8-speaker surround sound compositions by Jeremy Keenan &
Matt Lewis. Visitors will also have the opportunity to experience the hidden
sounds of everyday materials by literally transmitting the vibrations of
their favourite music from their mobile devices through sheets of plastic,
glass, and ceramics.
Hearing Shapes draws much inspiration from the book Listening and Voice by
philosopher Don Ihde.

Exhibition opens:
Thur 18th Oct, 10am- 8pm,
Fri 19th Oct 10am- 5pm
Sat 20th Oct 10am- 8pm
Materials lecture by Zoe Laughlin 3.30pm ­ 4.30pm, Sat 20th       
All events are free!                            
hello at callandresponse.org.uk


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