[microsound-announce] For audiophiles only: we updated the MP3 file for Florian Hecker's with a new MP3 encoder

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Tue Sep 11 04:36:40 EDT 2012

For audiophiles only: we updated the MP3 file for Florian Hecker's
#4. Bregman / Deutsch Chimaera - 47 minutes in bifurcated attention* with a
new MP3 encoder.

Link: http://bit.ly/pyyE3R
MP3: http://bit.ly/KOQqf0

*Curated and produced by Florian Hecker*

The point of departure for this podcast comprises two publications from the
mid nineties: 'Musical Illusions and Paradoxes' by Diana Deutsch and
'Demonstrations of Auditory Scene Analysis: The Perceptual Organization of
Sound' by Albert S. Bregman and Pierre A. Ahad. These CDs feature
demonstrations of the research in psychoacoustics (Bregman) and musical
psychology (Deutsch) by their respective authors. Both volumes are
introduced with a spoken commentary by the authors themselves and
accompanied by extensive booklets that further describe what is heard as
well as instructions and suggestions on parameters such as playback volume,
loudspeaker position, distance from the same, and whether headphones are
required or not. Here the recorded and textual components form a
prescriptive double, a package where the listener verifies the CDs
objectives though a subjective audible encounter.

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