[microsound-announce] The Media Machine Centenary - Sound Installation & Performance

paul rogers noisytoys at ntlworld.com
Sun Sep 9 04:38:16 EDT 2012

Hallo All,
Here is some info about a talk, installation and performance I am  
doing this coming Monday;

Paul J Rogers has been commissioned by MMU Cheshire to create a Sound  
Installation for the University Centenary - September 10th & 11th 2012

MMU Cheshire - Crewe Campus - Crewe, Cheshire, England, UK

A sound installation and performance:

Performance is at 12.00 Noon on Monday 10th.

In Paul’s research based compositions and installations he explores  
the extraneous sound event, the junk noises and extra, discarded  
sound materials from recordings, objects and the environment; in this  
Centenary themed installation he exploits the discarded sound  
reproducing devices which span the last century, many of which were  
found abandoned on the Crewe campus itself.

The development of the music media machine and its carrier formats  
accelerated exponentially through the last century with mediums born  
and dying in ever increasing cycles until the object vanished  
entirely from view. Music now travels through time and space yet does  
not exist as a physical object. As a set of digital instructions  
awaiting to be decoded back into sound, music has become apparently  
transparent and can be seen to have shed it's impurities. This  
installation examines, reinstates and exploits those impurities which  
have evolved over the last 100 years.


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