[microsound-announce] Rainforest/Regsnkov 2012 @ LAK Festival Opening, Copenhagen 06 Sept Thursday

Nathalie Fougeras nathalie.fougeras at gmail.com
Wed Sep 5 12:58:33 EDT 2012

Thanks for the information.

Wish you and at the participant a nice performance in LAK fest.

If it s a recording somewhere published after will be nice to hear it?


2012/9/5 Derek Holzer <macumbista at googlemail.com>

> Dear friends,
> Mads Bech Paluszewski-Hau and I, along with several workshop participants,
> will play the opening concert of the LAK Festival of Nordic Sound Art in
> Copenhagen tomorrow evening at 18:00. The project will continue as an
> installation until Sunday evening.
> Regsnkov 2012 is a contemporary re-interpretation of David Tudor’s series
> of compositions from the 1970′s entitled Rainforest. It uses various types
> of sonic transducers to play live sounds through a selection of resonant,
> found-metal objects in the performance space. A matrix mixer allows the
> sound from any of the performers to be sent to any of the objects, creating
> an immersive, tactile and spatial sonic experience.
> The project is developed in a workshop format with up to 8 participants
> over a period of several days. The participants will work from the
> bio-acoustic model of an actual rainforest, where it is necessary for each
> species’ survival that they can both hear and be heard within their own
> niche of the busy forest soundscape.
> You can download a PDF of information about the project here:
> http://macumbista.net/files/**rainforest_overview.pdf<http://macumbista.net/files/rainforest_overview.pdf>
> LAK Festival
> Prags Boulevard 43, Amager
> 2300 Copenhagen S.
> Bus 5A, 2A or Metro: Amagerbro st
> Info: http://www.lakfestival.dk/
> LAK Festival Opening: Thursday 06 September 17:00
> Regsnkov 2012 concert: Thursday 06 September 18:00
> Regsnkov 2012 installation: Thursday 06 September - Sunday 09 September
> --THURS: 19:00-21:00
> --FRI: 17:00-21:00
> --SAT: 14:00-21:000
> --SUN 14:00-18:00
> Workshop Participants:
> --Anders Børup
> --James Brewster
> --Ejvind Juul Chang
> --Kristian Hverring
> Best wishes!
> Derek
> --
> derek holzer
> noise.art.technology
> http://macumbista.net
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