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18.05.12 || RAM.04
Join us at K77 | Salon Bruit:
RAM | New monthly series at K77 Kino co-curated and hosted by Audition
Records & Salon Bruit.


1. ZEGER VANDENBUSSCHE (BE) | "instant compositions" for saxophone & bass
clarinet | http://www.myspace.com/zegervandenbussche

Zeger Vandenbussche studied philosophy at the university of Gent and
Sevilla and saxophone at the royal conservatory of Gent, Belgium. Being an
active member of the Belgian jazz and improvisational music scene, he
toured in Belgium, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Spain and Portugal,
playing reed instruments and double bass. Zeger claims to be musically
influenced by the sound of spinning neutrons, multiplying cells, sunbeams
penetrating the atmosphere, but considering the frequency range of the
humanoid ear, that’s highly unlikely. Attracted by the thriving population
of skylarks in Flughafen Tempelhof he recently relocated to Berlin.

NAMTES  (PERU, Berlin) | Commissioned animation with music by LOUP (FR) |

>>>filmmaker>>>3d>>>video generative>>>explorer>>>I dont
know>>>whatever>>>>>>>voyeurist>>>>>>> Born in Peru, lived in Mexico and
Barcelona. Currently in Berlin. ANYWHEREISNOTYOURPLACE

3. DEREK SHIRLEY (CA) | "bau des kabinets" (for solo Kontrabass) |

Derek Shirley, multi-instrumentalist (Kontrabass, cello, drums,
electronics) based in Berlin. Active in the improvised/experimental music
scene, focusing on low frequency minimalism in both improvised and composed
realms. Performs actively with such groups as Monno, Vladislav Delay
Quartet, Hotelgäste, MEK, obliq, coal oven, ruby3 and unununium. And in
various collaborations with such musicians as: Sven Ake Johansson, Chris
Abrahams, Steve Heather, Anat Cohavi, Tobias Delius, Antoine Chessex, Lucio
Capece, Mika Vanio, Michael Thieke, Robin Hayward, Justin Haynes, Dave
Bennett, Allesandro Bossetti, Tony Buck.

Derek Shirley on Audition: [ar064] MONNO | Live Archives 2000-2005 |

RAM |  A documentary project by  AR
Kastanienallee 77. 10435. Prenzlauer Berg
Doors 21:30 - Concert 22:30
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