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Conferences, Workshops & Performances :: May 16-18, 2012

May 16th: Concert at Roulette, 8:30 pm
May 17th: NYU (Steinhardt) lectures/demo/performances, 9:30-6pm
May 18th: Columbia (Prentis Hall) lectures/demo/performances, 9:30-6pm
May 18th: Columbia (Prentis Hall) Concert, 8pm

The ImproTech Paris - NYC 2012 workshop is dedicated to the  
exploration of the links between musical improvisation and digital  
Gathering researchers and artists from both research & creation  
scenes, it favors the idea of using digital intelligence as a source  
of continuous and sophisticated creation, in acomplex interaction  
with live musicians, as opposed to mere decorative digital effects.
Distributed over 3 sites (Roulette, NYU, Columbia) the event combines  
concerts, presentations, demos and workshops and features such great  
artists as Roscoe Mitchell, Steve Coleman, George Lewis, Geri Allen,  
Bernard Lubat, Margaret Lancaster, Steve Lehman, Vijay Iyer, Mari  
Kimura, Esther Lamneck, Raphael Imbert, Lori Freedman, Brice Martin,  
Laurent Mariusse, Sylvain Roux, Les Emeudroïdes and many others (see  
the List of participants and the Events Schedule .)
Complete Info at : http://repmus.ircam.fr/improtechpny

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