[microsound-announce] "The Extraordinary Tale Of A Lemon Girl" trilogy TRIPLE LP VINYL BOXSET + Chapter II available on CD

philippe petit philippe-petit at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 28 03:28:27 EDT 2012

Hope that this message finds you well,
allow me to announce the release of the sexiest release in my discography...


*Philippe Petit: "The Extraordinary Tale Of A Lemon Girl" trilogy* 

Features 3 Albums
Chapter I: Oneiric Rings On Grey Velvet
Chapter II: Fire-walking To Wonderland
Chapter III: Hitch-hiking Thru Bronze Mirrors
- 45RPM vinyl
- Numbered, limited edition of 200 copies.
- 3 Signed prints by Chris Schade & Zoe Pettijohn Schade.
- Hand silk screened dust covers and jackets.

*+ Chapter II available on CD

Chapter II: Fire-Walking To Wonderland  (CD - Digital / Aagoo Rds) *

While "Oneiric Rings On Grey Velvet" was more of an orchestral 
soundtrack this second chapter shows my desire not to issue similar 
albums one after another. "Fire-Walking To Wonderland" is more direct 
since to preserve spontaneity every part was recorded in one take. Most 
of the instrumentation is live/acoustic instruments with an aim to 
preserve their natural sounding or being treated and totally 

You will hear music coming from electric psalterion + cymbalum + guitars 
+ processed acoustics/field recordings + voices + turntables + 
percussions and even inflatable balloons forming a sonic choreography 
using space/time, in a multi-dimensional way, spatializing sounds with 
an electro-acoustic approach and still showing great attention to dynamics.
The relation that lies between silence and noise being of the utmost 

*Listen there:*

*Enjoy your Summer*


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