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Press Release
June 11, 2012

subtlelistening at anechoicmedia.com

Subtle Listening Workshop
where: Ocean Beach Studios
1730 Great Highway (near Moraga), San Francisco
Ocean Beach Studio telephone: (415) 735-1730
dates: Sunday, July 15th 2012
time: 10am – 2pm

Participants will learn how to develop their subtle sense of listening. 
Subtle listening isn't listening attentively to barely audible sounds. 
Subtle Listening is the ability to hear sounds as shapes, contours and 
textures and, via meditation techniques, map them to internal states, 
developing a deeper awareness and sensitivity to the environment.

During the workshop we will practice techniques culled from Jungian 
psychology, Hermetic philosophy, Rhythmanalysis, synesthesia, paradox & 
Buddhist mediation and brain entrainment. Subtle Listening is not just 
another meditation class, the workshop participants will work towards 
creating a sound art piece derived from their experiences in the 
workshop – and there is a possibility of pieces being broadcast on radio.

While the workshop is designed with developing one's auditory sense in 
mind any type of artist can participate. Whether you are a poet, writer, 
photographer, painter, filmmaker, dancer, musician or sound artist your 
work will benefit from a heightened, subtle sense of being connected to 
the world around you.

Registration site: https://subtlelistening.eventbrite.com/

register before June 30thth and pay only $100 for all four sessions!
price goes to $150 if you register after June 30th

Kim Cascone studied electronic music at the Berklee College of Music and 
privately at the New School in Manhattan. He founded Silent Records in 
1985 and has released more than 50 albums of electronic music on Silent, 
anechoic, Sub Rosa, Mille Plateaux, Raster-Noton and Monotype. Cascone 
has performed with Merzbow, Keith Rowe, Scanner, John Tilbury, Tony 
Conrad, Pauline Oliveros and worked as assistant music editor on two 
David Lynch films. Cascone founded the .microsound list in 1999, has 
written for MIT Press and Contemporary Music Review. His writing is 
included in many books on sound art.

For more information please contact: subtlelistening at anechoicmedia.com


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