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In ART IS RELEASES we offer the most propositive and active musicians of
the international contemporary scene currently working in Berlin.
"ART" is a chance to produce exclusive albums, pieces and commissioned
compositions by excelent musicians, improvisers and composers.

ART IN RELEASES is a production laboratory where we join forces with the
artists to build, develop and produce the register of potential documents
for the future music and the present history of sound.

Yvan Volochine | Shishupala Vadha

RELEASE SHEET  - http://www.auditionrecords.com/art_001.php
With your  support we will collect funding for future releases in vinyl.

"I started music by learning piano with an old woman in my suburb from the
age of 5 til I was 16. I then learned guitar by playing in a punk-rock band
with mates from high-school/college. In France it was the big period of
free-parties and I decided to make electronic music when I heard all the
fucked-up sounds played by artists in Toulouse, which were kinda different
from the basic techno crap (that was 1996). Naturally followed making
noisy-weird sounds with mixer feedback and distorsion pedals and that's
when computers appeared in my life. From Atari to PCs to linux, etc.. I
learned programation because I wanted to understand how computer languages
work. Now I'm a self-taught software developer and I program the
synthesizers I use for making music (with SuperCollider mostly)."
released 13 May 2012
Yvan Volochine, linux, supercollider and midi controller.

ART IN RELEASES | an original idea by Audition Records.  Compositions by
Yvan Volochine. Produced and curated by Julian Bonequi. Recorded on the
12th of February 2012, Berlin. Recorded and mastered at Transfertlab
by Mauro Martinuz. Art and design by Aniana Heras.

*[art002] Andrea Belfi: **"qualcosa di simile al nero" | *

15.06.12 Fredik Olofsson | "redShift" (graphics generated from the spectrum
of the sound) | Andrea Belfi | performs "Qualcosa di simile al nero"

*AUDITION RECORDS - *http://auditionrecords.com
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