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New Documents:

RELEASE SHEET - *http://www.auditionrecords.com/ar059.html*
DIRECT DOWNLOAD -   *http://www.archive.org/compress/ar059FarahnazHatam*

www.nkprojekt.de <http://auditionrecords.com/www.nkprojekt.de>
Laptop solo Supercollider Programming environment performed live by
evaluating code that is preprogrammed with a time based score, allowing a
window of time for each evaluation.

"I started as a visual artist and molecular biologist, I am still working
as a molecular biologist, but I have moved more in the direction of working
only with Sound... I co-founded NK 3 1/2 years ago with Julian Percy,
previous to that we worked together with a larger artist collective in
which decision making processes were incredibly difficult and lengthy, so
we decided to start a smaller collective with a more concentrated interest,
i.e. experimental music. Recently Manuela Benetton joined us as an
independent curator."

“This algorithmic composition was written for a performance at Able
Gallery. It was a room recording in which there were some sounds from the
audience, such as coughing and so on, therefore I performed the score in
the studio to get a recording without audience noise.”

RELEASE SHEET  - http://auditionrecords.com/ar060.html
DIRECT DOWNLOAD - *http://www.archive.org/compress/ar060Loup*

And for the lovers of instrumental and  destructive jazz, here we have *LOUP
*. Clement Edouard playing sax & electronics, and Sheik Anorak with drums &
electronics also.

"LOUP started in early june 2010. This duo was born to play with Rangda
(Chris Corsano, Ben Chasny and Sir Richard Bishop) at Grnd Zero in Lyon on
june 8th 2010. I (Sheik Anorak) was supposed to improvised with other
musicians from Grnd Zero as an openeing for Rangda, but instead I asked
Clement to start a new improv/free jazz duo. And then LOUP was born".

LOUP can be considered as an avant-garde free jazz duo. The meeting of jazz
background (Clement Edouard) and noise (Sheik Anorak). LOUP is beyond jazz
and beyond noise, something like a link between comtemporary music, free
jazz and art....something like"comtemporary art/jazz".

RELEASE SHEET  - *http://auditionrecords.com/ar061.html*
DIRECT DOWNLOAD -  *http://www.archive.org/compress/ar061Kakawaka*


You will enjoy for sure the sounds of Christoph Petermann aka *KAKAWAKA*. A
performance for amplified big kitchen fork with effect pedals & balloons at
Loophole, an independent space also in Berlin ( run by ex- RAUM18

Be careful with your ears with the console recording!

*History of the project*

November 2001: started to record as Kakawaka and publish the music online
on a yellow website | 2002: move from Göttingen to Berlin | 2003: created
website www.chproductions.de together with Hardy Küster | first CDR release
“rocknroll” on copyleftrecords | 2005: first self-released CDR
“Computerpunk” | first performance with Boris Monopolskij | first solo
concert at the now-defunct Galerie Scherer8, Berlin-Wedding, which also
marks the first use of a fork | 2006/07 one year in Tokyo, member of trio
“Droise” with noise artist 23N! (Stéphane Perrin) and drummer Yōsei
Takahashi | since 2007: concerts, concerts, concerts | 2008 Fork I breaks
during a performance at Wallywoods in Berlin-Weißensee in front of almost
no one, since then Fork II is in use| 2011: started duo “Ika Wakakan” with
Iku Sakan | acoustic balloon performances with Seiji Morimoto | …

Upcoming... Anthea Caddy, Liz Allbee, Ute Wasserman, Monno...

*AUDITION RECORDS - *http://auditionrecords.com
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