[microsound-announce] [OT] searching sound art piece info

andre castro andrecastro at c-e-m.org
Tue Jan 17 10:51:12 EST 2012

Dear microsounders,

I am trying to find information on a sound art piece I heard about some 
years ago, but cannot recall its name or author.

Essentially for what I can remember the work consisted of a script that 
surface the web in search for sounds. Once these were found they were 
integrated into a continuous sound stream.
I guess the work dates back to the early 2000s

Do you by any chance have an idea of what this work might be?
I will very thankful for any hints


         (`  ).
       _(       '`.
   .=(`(      .   )     .--
  ((    (..__.:'-'   .+(   )
  `(       )          (   .  )
   ` __.:'             `-' '-


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