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We are looking for experimental radical animators or projects and proposals
related to animation: live ilustration, computer graphics animation, motion
graphics, realtime and procedural animation, animated scores...

*Send us your website and selected samples of your works to:*

>RAM-K77 and your name<


Take a look to  the works and music at Audition Records related to the kind
of sound we love. Is not easy music, then you can understand what does it
means for us "Radical Concepts".

Is really important that you hear the music because is the music you're
gonna work out. We know it's a big challenge and that's the goal of the

Our main objective is to built an active network and a documentary archive
of upcoming collaborations between experimental animators and radical music.

Depending the works and the conceptual & graphic skills, technical approach
and arts of each animator, then we will prepare an specific proposal or
include her/him in one of the different strategies and hybrid combinations
we are gonna work for this new series of artistic commissions.

All the results of these collaborations will be part of the screenings at
K77 cinema in Berlin and we will include these works in the new catalogue
based on radical animation and promote it in Audition Records web in a
compilatory document [soon more info].

At the end of the year we're gonna present our first number as real

Looking forward to see your works!

*AUDITION RECORDS - *http://auditionrecords.com/ram.html
SALON BRUIT -   http://salonbruit.org/events/experimental-animation-musik
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