[microsound-announce] Some Stars not yet Black Holes

hidarisan hidari at gmx.net
Mon Apr 16 17:13:22 EDT 2012

Tomoroh Hidari's "*Some Stars not yet Black Holes*" (2x12" limited to 
250 copies and mp3/flac) out now on record label records.

/"an absolutely brilliant, deeply cerebral and moving effort that will 
ravish fans of electro-acoustic researches, kosmische synthesized 
minimalism (70?s Berliners) and absorbing dark ambient realms—an 
astonishingly profound, sonorous and evocative collection of slowly 
evolving meditative electronics"(igloomag.com)/

there are previews/description at all links!
http://www.recordlabelrecords.org/162.html -for vinyl
-for mp3/flac (other download-stores will follow soon)

a video to the track "Sirius" can be viewed here:

thanks, th

ps: writers for music publicationsn(on-/off-line) interested in 
reviewing this album please contact me off-list

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