[microsound-announce] Jliat 16:05:94 (Yugen Archives free download)

yugen david at yugen-art.org
Sun Oct 23 22:35:07 EDT 2011

Hello all,
Yugen Archives is a new collection of old works, (re)released as free  
downloads, by some of todays most interesting experimental artists. A  
rediscovering of their roots.
I am honoured to be able to start the series with Jliat 16:05:94
Originally released by James Whitehead in 1994 on his own label, this  
got unanimous praise on all the right paper fanzines and quickly  
gained a cult status. Simply one of the best digital drone  
compositions ever released.
16:05:94 is (re)released for the first time in high quality 320k mp3  
with scans of the original booklet and a new artwork designed by Yugen.
Many thanks to James Whitehead.

twitter : @YugenArt
facebook : http://tinyurl.com/YugenArt

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