[microsound-announce] Berlin Nov 23&24 Concert Hyperion Ensemble / Conductors: Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram & Special guest Stephen O’Malley.

Farah Hatam hatam at drfz.de
Mon Nov 21 08:48:40 EST 2011

Wednesday and Thursday Nov 23rd and 24th 2011, Doors 20:30, Concert 21:30
SPECTRUM XXI The International Festival of Spectral Music. Sixth Edition. With “Hyperion” Ensemble.

Conductors: Iancu Dumitrescu, Ana-Maria Avram & Special guest Stephen O’Malley.

With: Maya Dunietz, Tim Hodgkinson, Yoni Silver, Raul Suarez, Ioan Marius Lacraru, Andrei Kivu, Adam Sheflan, Shmil Frankel, Haggai Fershtman, Clotilde Lacroix, Vasile Comsa, Eran Sachs.

Hyperion was founded in 1976 by the composer Iancu Dumitrescu. As a starting point, Hyperion explored possible connections between the most archaic Romanian music – Byzantine music, folk music collected by Bartok, etc. – and today’s avant-garde music. It is a tradition of performance, of interpreting each new score as a provocation of the spirit, and a quest for new domains of sound. Aesthetically, at the heart of this work is the notion of spectrality as it developed in the work of Dumitrescu, Avram and other Romanian composers – that is: a specifically transformational spectrality, as opposed to the structural spectrality of the French Itinéraire group. Hyperion has performed all over Europe, Israel and in United States, and recorded numerous LPs and 28 compact discs. (from Mode Records- New York)

More info: Tickets and Prices Please write an email to info at nkprojekt.de

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