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Untight "Live at Theaterkapelle" - Free Download


Untight is a band consisting of touch guitarist Alexander Dowerk and  
electronic musicians Bernhard Wöstheinrich and Tobias Reber. While  
each of them had previously collaborated with both of the others,  
their concert as Untight at the Theaterkapelle in Berlin marked the  
first time (with the exception of a short sound check) the trio has  
played together - ever. Listening to the two sets of tightly  
interwoven structures and organic blending of styles - ranging from  
classic synthesizer music and rock tropes to free-form improv and  
laptop electronics - it is perhaps hard to believe that none of the  
music was mapped out beforehand, the musicians simply trusting they  
would find a common course in the act of playing and listening. "Live  
at Theaterkapelle" documents the concert in its uncut entirety.

Alexander Dowerk - touch guitar
Bernhard Wöstheinrich - synthesizers, electronic percussions
Tobias Reber - electronics, electronic percussions, samples

Recorded live to two-track at Theaterkapelle, Berlin, Germany on
May 11, 2011.

Mastered by Markus Reuter.
Released May 16, 2011


Tobias Reber
Freiburgstrasse 32
2503 Biel

mobile: ++41 (0)79 573 11 69
email: tobiasreber at sunrise.ch

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