[microsound-announce] Conversation with Rick Prelinger (Prelinger Archives) on his film collection

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Thu May 5 05:40:18 EDT 2011

*Conversation with Rick Prelinger (Prelinger Archives) on his film

Link (PDF): http://bit.ly/ilo5Nd

This is a conversation by email between Rick Prelinger, Anna Ramos, Vicki
Bennett and Jon Leidecker, which took place on April 2011 in parallel to the
*Memorabilia. Collecting sounds with... *lecture series at the MACBA.

*Rick Prelinger* is an archivist, writer, filmmaker, and outsider librarian.
Rick has partnered with the Internet Archive (of which he is a board member)
to make 2,100 films available online for free viewing, downloading and
reuse. His archival feature *Panorama Ephemera* (2004) played in venues
around the world. He's now working on a second feature tentatively entitled
*No More Road Trips*. He has also recently made several film programs that
he categorizes as "historical interventions," called *Lost Landscapes of San
Francisco* (five annual parts) and *Lost Landscapes of Detroit*. He
frequently speaks on the future of archives and issues relating to access to
archives and culture. With Megan Prelinger, he's co-founder of Prelinger
Library, an appropriation-friendly private research library open to the
public in downtown San Francisco.

More info: http://bit.ly/lBvDI6
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