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SPECIAL OFFER: If you decide to order all 4 new 
releases at once they are only EUR 50.00 
including worldwide shipping costs (you're saving 
EUR 16.00 if you're overseas and EUR 11.00 if 
you're in Europe)!!! This offer is only valid as 
long as we have all 4 new releases in stock 
(which won't be very long)!



STEPHAN MATHIEU "To Describe George Washington Bridge" 10" (Edition of 500)

"To Describe George Washington Bridge" is Stephan 
Mathieu's 2nd Dekorder release in the 10" format 
(reflecting his interest in old 78rpm records) 
after 2009's sold out "The Key to the Kingdom", 
and, we're happy to say, again it features two of 
the composer's most outstanding short pieces. 
Both are recorded utilizing similar methods  as 
used on his most recent album "A Static Place" on 
12K Records yet they are presented in an even 
more condensed and melodic way. As source 
material he used transcriptions made from the 
marvelous 25x 12inch 78rpm set G.F. Händel. 
"Twelve Concerti Grossi" performed by the Busch 
Chamber Players in 1946, and a Columbia 10" 
record from 1912 with Händel's usual smash hits 
from "Messiah".



We are stoked and honoured to release this 
Deutsch-Amerikanische meeting of two Meisters of 
the Modular Electronic Music System (originally 
invented by Don Buchla in 1963 for the likes of 
Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, Terry Riley et al 
at the San Francisco Tape Music Center). Both are 
presenting very distinct approaches displaying 
the vast possibilities of the machine yet 
maintaining similar Klang aesthetics (and maximum 

KFW is a renowned master of the Modular, 
especially in live situations. "101105" is 
Whitman captured at his most symphonic. Recorded 
last year at one of the semi-monthly "The Bunker" 
parties in Brooklyn opening for members of 
Ectomorph he sent the audience (all high on LSD) 
straight into sawtooth arpeggio heaven. "101105" 
is a condensed edit of these recordings, cut on 
45rpm for maximum fidelity.
KFW has released records on a myriad of labels, 
most notably on Kranky and Planet µ (under his 
Hrvatski pseudonym). Last year's (vinyl-only) 
album "Disingenuity b/w Disingenuousness" on Pan 
made it into many year-end Top 10 lists, 
including The Wire and Boomkat. This year Whitman 
has been commissioned a residency at GRM studios 
to work on a piece for François Bayle's original 
80-channel acousmonium!

Alien Radio is one of many aliases of Northern 
Germany's Ulf Schütte, a (part-time) member of 
Datashock, Black To Comm, Aosuke, Phantom Horse, 
etc. and founder of the Tape Tektoniks cassette 
label. His recent Modular System explorations 
showcase a more basic, sketchy and song-based 
approach, reminding of Jan Jelinek's Ursula 
Bogner recordings and having been compared to the 
likes of Conny Planck, Delia Derbyshire and Dick 
Raaijmakers. His debut release was a split 7" on 
the Belgian Kraak label with Köhn, Ducktails and 
Peaking Lights.


ALEXANDER RISHAUG "Shadow Of Events" LP (finally 
out on vinyl in an edition of 300)

Rishaug's music is informed by classic minimal 
composers such as Steve Reich and Terry Riley as 
well as 90's electronica acts such as the 
Oval/Microstoria axis and like-minded but more 
obscure artists associated with the Mille 
Plateaux label (remember Neina?) but surely 
wouldn't be out of place on a contemporary label 
like Kranky or Type.

Repetitive and seemingly simple melodic patterns 
are combined with (and sometimes obscured by) 
decaying monlithic drone layers creating a hazy 
melancholic landscape slowly unfolding its 
beauty. Granular shoegazy tones are building up 
in slow-motion recalling the patient yet precise 
and complex drone works of Stephan Mathieu, 
William Basinski and Machinefabriek's Dauw album.

"A contender for album of the year status in my 
opinion; truly engaging and explorative, this is 
a refined and immersive work." (Future Sequence)

"Shadow Of Events ist jetzt bereits das Ambient 
Album des Jahres 2011!" (Auf Abwegen)


DATASHOCK "Pyramiden Von Gießen" 2LP (few copies left!)

"Oo what's this be-gatefolded Kraut-outing I see 
before me emblazoned with manicdotes and universe 
of seemingly some other lost time, its colossal 
sonic ooze ritualizing our cranials and 
Dynorodding our deepest secret fears, then? Hell, 
it's PYRAMIDEN VON GIEßEN, the fucking brand new 
German double-vinyl epic commune sprawl from 
Berlin/Hamburg ensemble Datashock, and it's a 
splendidly righteous motherfucker with futuristic 
lobes for pointy-headed people.

Don't know what they put in the wasser during 
this Datashock sesh, but it kicks Balzac in the 
ballsac and I want some now or a tantric tantrum 
approacheth. Kiddies, you doshed enuff this month 
for just one purchase, perchance, then make sure 
you buy THIS motherfucker, got me? You're on the 
dole you, you NEED new music it's this one. Why? 
Because not only comes its sound from the bowels 
of the fucking Absolute, but it's all housed & 
decorated like these visionary motherfuckers 
truly CARE! So grab your bargain by rushing to 
Dekorder Records' website at dekorder.com, or 
hassle those beasts themselves at 



[055] ASTRAL SOCIAL CLUB "Generator Breaker" LP
[057] XELA "The Sublime" LP
[058] SCULPTURE "Toad Blinker" Picture-Disc LP


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