[microsound-announce] Pandrogeny (Free Download)

yugen david at yugen-art.org
Thu Dec 22 05:33:24 EST 2011

After the Ae'shT'aT'aQ prologue the First Illusion is now ready for  
your hearing apparatus.


- ( i am blind )
- 23 Useful Words To Write Your Own Apocryphal Bible
- Logical Atomism

Original sounds originated from the voice of Mr/Mrs. Genesis Breyer P- 
Processed with custom software designed by Hirose Kumiko.
Composed by Yugen in 2011.
This release is dedicated to the memory of Lady Jaye Breyer, Jhonn  
Balance & Peter Christopherson.

free download.

david yugen.

twitter : @YugenArt
facebook : http://tinyurl.com/YugenArt

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