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> Friday 16th December 2011
> 1pm-5pm
> @
> nnnnn, Unit 73a, Regent Studios, 8 Andrew's Rd. London. E8 4QN.
> ...
> An experimental workshop in spirit detection, dowsing, abstract
> electronics, and ghost hunting.
> Discover the murky architecture of Regent Studios; scanning invisible
> layers for traces of hidden forces and possible paranormal energy.
> Bring any detection devices you own with you.
> A few EMF detectors, audio recorders, CCTV sniffers and dowsing rods will
> be available to use.
> Possibility to make some detectors on the day too.
> Workshop participants will work in groups exploring the ghost architecture
> of Regent Studios and surrounding grounds. They will record data with
> various devices (cameras, EMF detectors, audio recorders, CCTV sniffers,
> maps, architect plans, temperature, and humidity sensors), logging their
> data and location. Several events have taken place at Regent Studios which
> may very well have left behind some paranormal residue. The workshop will
> investigate these events and will see if there is any correlation between
> the groups data collected.
> This workshop runs on £donations so give what you can.
> Info and registration of interest, email ryan at nnnnn.org.uk
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