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Coming from San Francisco, Aria Rostami's music shares the same ebb and flow
of his hilly and foggy city. Although very conceptually driven, Rostami's
work tends to vary in mood and genre from song to song... a true lover of
music rather than genre. His current work focuses on taking risks and facing
change. Rostami has created ambient pieces for installations and produced
scores for films.
Uniform is a "remix album" and a follow up to my debut album Form. Form was
about the deconstruction of sound while Uniform is about the reconstruction
of it. Although the album contains only three proper remixes, the five new
original tracks were guided by the spirit of a remix album. The songs were
put together mostly by constructing field recordings, randomly recorded
piano parts, and so on to create source material and then combined afterword
to create songs. The new tracks were created to have some parallelism with
the remixes. Uniform discovers the differences within similarities.
Uniformity is nothing more than an idea; a force that turns and breaks from
human lens to human lens.

Track listing:
01. Midori
02. Tokyo
03. Cleare (Ollie Bown Remix)
04. White
05. Streetlights As Fairgrounds (Saine Remix)
06. Memorium: The Choir
07. Triagnol
08. Cleare (Shawn Dickerson Remix)

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