[microsound-announce] xrc at silver factory studios, l.a.

Kovács Balázs mmi at art.pte.hu
Thu Dec 1 05:12:22 EST 2011

   Dear list,

i'm a hungarian sound artist or something similar temporary living
on the west coast in Santa Barbara, and just would like to invite 
interested people
in Los Angeles for join the following event:

Silver Factory Studios
The Artists District
4310 W. Jefferson Blvd.
L.A 90016

Xrc (Hungary)
analogue no-input secondhandcraigslist live act
open mixer
collective noise improvisation

10-4Am $8 @ the door $5 W RSVP

welcome to join in the open mixer, please take your own equipment too!


link about me:



PTE Muveszeti Kar, Media- es Alkalmazott Muveszetek Intezete
PTE Faculty of Arts, Institute for Media and Applied Arts
H-7624 Pecs, Damjanich u. 30.
e-mail: mmi at art.pte.hu
www: http://www.art.pte.hu/menu/92
blog: http://art.pte.hu/211orchestra/

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