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dear all

Earlier this month James Wyness published a kind of review ( because
it is so much more) that could convince some of you to start listening
to casettes (again)
You will find it on his blog Fouter&Swick  http://t.co/xR7SvQ2

One release he reviewed was
'You can kill a Pig in July." It is an interview I had with Luis Costa
in and around the Costa mansion in Nodar. Luis is the president of

The release comes in a very limited edition of seven copies. Price is
10 euro ex shipping.

A second release on staaltape is Tales for Tapes #7. Tales for Tapes
is a concert series dedicated to tape manipulation. initiated by Anton
Mobin in Paris. #7 was held in Brussels. The tape is a cut-up of the
concerts plus a re-mix. The release comes in a limited edition of
seven copies. Each copy has a different cut-up snd re-mix.
Tales for Tapes #7 costs 4€ ex shipping.

write to staaltape at staalplaat.com to order a copy.

The complete information is to be found on

Have a great week!



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