[microsound-announce] Open Call - The Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit, August 28th - 3rd September 2011

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Mon Aug 15 13:17:30 EDT 2011

The Suffolk Psychogeophysics Summit.
 An intense week-long series of interventions, field trips, open 
 workshops and evening discussions led by international artists and 
 researchers exploring the Suffolk countryside through the 
 interdisciplinary lens of psychogeophysics, defined as the combining of 
 psychogeographic techniques (methods of wandering) with the study of 
 geophysical traces (geophysical archaeology, the revealing of place).
 Open events within the week include practical workshops in building 
 simple geophysical measurement devices from recycled materials, the 
 construction of ghost detectors to be tested on the streets of Ipswich 
 and experiments within high voltage photography of rocks and minerals. 
 Fieldtrips will build on discussions and techniques established during 
 these workshops, undertaking studies at specific Suffolk locations of 
 interest (such as Rendlesham forest, Bawdsey Manor, Orford Ness); the 
 measurement and mapping of qualitative psychic, physical and geophysical 
 A call is thus issued for psychogeophysickers to join the Summit and to 
 propose activities and ideas which can be explored collectively within 
 this frame. Potential imagined activities and research proposals could 
 UFO conspiracy and the black planet, spectres or “only the earth”, 
 remote viewing, Zebra, electromagnetic mind control, contemporary 
 geomancy, antennae/transmission and ley-lines, data farming, amateur 
 military industrial complexing, crypto-forestation, earth substrate 
 excitations and emotional response, vectors of memory and future sites 
 of execution, VALIS, strategic underground observatories, cobra mist and 
 Please send a short statement of intent to m at 1010.co.uk by 20th August 2011
 Support is offered for selected projects.
 Partners include Arts Council England, openmute.org and CSV Ipswich.
 For further details see: 
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